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China Reacts to Senior US General's Warning of War Within Two Years

Monday 30/January/2023 - 03:55 PM
The Reference
By: Ahmed Seif El-Din

China has accused a senior American general of being reckless after he said the two superpowers would be at war within two years. General Mike Minihan, who oversees the US Air Force’s fleet of transport and refuelling aircraft, warned that his gut feeling was that the US and China would fight in 2025.

In a memo obtained by NBC News, Minihan told operational commanders to prepare for combat. He said that President Xi's third term and the Taiwan presidential elections in 2024 would offer Xi a reason and a distracted America, with reason, team, and opportunity all aligned for 2025.

Minihan's remarks were a rare example of a senior US military official suggesting that US troops would respond if China were to invade Taiwan, which is a departure from the longstanding position of strategic ambiguity. President Biden has been more explicit recently, saying that the US would respond to an invasion if there was an unprecedented attack.

The memo has sparked a reaction from Beijing, with Xin Qiang from Fudan University warning against a self-fulfilling prophecy and further damage to China-US relations. Tensions have been rising in the Taiwan Strait, with increased military and diplomatic pressure from Beijing, and the US has taken steps to deter an attack, such as opening a new base on the Pacific Island of Guam. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken is set to visit Beijing in February to discuss ways to avoid the deterioration of bilateral relations.