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Pakistan sends ambassador back to Afghanistan

Thursday 27/April/2023 - 01:08 PM
The Reference

Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan have been tense since the Taliban came to power in the latter country in August 2021.

Tensions in these relations climaxed with the withdrawal by Pakistan of its ambassador in Kabul.

This came five months after the ambassador narrowly escaped an attempt on his life.

Relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan witness frequent crises, especially when it comes to security breaches of the joint border of the two countries.

Tensions are also caused because of the Taliban government's support for the Pakistani branch of the Taliban which stages repeated operations against the Pakistani government.

Negotiations between Pakistan and the Taliban government in Afghanistan have come short of reaching final solutions to pending issues between the two sides in the past years.

Ambassador's return

On April 17, informed sources said the Pakistani government prepared for the return of the Pakistani ambassador to Kabul, after a five-month break.

This came amid discussions about committing the Taliban to take measures against its Pakistani branch.

Nevertheless, people informed about the Taliban say the movement had not given any pledges to Pakistan in this regard.

This raises questions about the reasons why Pakistan will return its ambassador to Afghanistan and the measures it is taking to protect him while in Kabul.

Pakistan's Foreign Ministry said the ambassador had already returned to Kabul on April 19.

The acting Afghan foreign minister also received the Pakistani ambassador, according to the official Afghan news agency.

Assassination attempt

The Pakistani ambassador was the target of an assassination attempt in mid-December, when gunmen opened fire on the embassy headquarters in Kabul.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attack which left a security guard seriously injured.

Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif condemned the attack and called for an immediate investigation into the event.

The Pakistani premier also asked the government in Kabul to take action against the attackers.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry also announced the withdrawal of Pakistan's diplomatic mission from Kabul.

International relations expert, Mohamed Abadi, said relations between the two countries are experiencing a state of tension.

"This is mainly as a result of previous accumulations between them due to the actions of the Taliban movement and its support for the Pakistani Taliban movement," he told The Reference.

He added that Islamabad also accuses the Taliban government of providing a safe haven for elements of the Taliban movement on Afghan soil.