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Houthi militia violating human rights law in Yemen

Saturday 20/May/2023 - 11:26 PM
The Reference
Mahmud Mohamadi

The crimes of the Houthi militia have inflicted heavy damage on ordinary Yemenis.

This damage ranges from motor impairments to chronic paralysis, infections of the spinal cords and other injuries.

Some of the problems caused by the militia to people cannot be treated.

All Yemenis are reeling under difficult conditions, especially in the areas controlled by the Iran-backed militia.

The militia bombs civilian sites and tortures people in prisons.

The human rights group, Eradah against Torture and Enforced Disappearance, has recently released a report titled 'Bleeding Wound'.

The group says in the report that human rights violations by the Houthi militia against the people, especially the members of the Hajour tribe, can only be described as war crimes.

The group added that some of these crimes amount to ethnic cleansing, or revenge along sectarian lines.

The report pointed out that the Hajour tribe has resisted the Houthi expansion in Yemeni territories since 2011.

As a result of this, it said, the members of the tribe were subjected to torture in Houthi prisons.

The report also reviewed the campaign waged by the Houthi group against Yemenis, in general, and the Hajour tribe, in particular, since the beginning of 2019.

It said Houthi elements used excessive force during incursions into areas belonging to the tribe.

It revealed that the militia used rockets, ballistic projectiles, tanks, rocket launchers and heavy artillery.

It pointed to the needless use of these weapons in an attack on a simple village.

The members of the tribe, the report said, had nothing in their hands, but light weapons.

Violating human rights law

Yemeni political activist Moez al-Saadi accused the Houthi group of violating human rights.

"The group does not observe any laws related to human rights," al-Saadi told The Reference.

He pointed out that the Houthi militia and its crimes do not stop at theft and vandalism.

The militia, he said, even removes cemeteries and bulldozes human remains in these cemeteries.

He called for addressing the violations of the militia.

"It is committing crimes against religion and humanity," al-Saadi said of the Houthi militia.

"The Houthi group acts as it wants motivated by sectarian and ethnic considerations," he added.