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We are not afraid of your terrorism: Al-Bawaba besieges ISIS by exposing its plans, organization threatens revenge

Wednesday 07/December/2022 - 02:26 PM
The Reference
Mostafa Kamel

Al-Bawaba News has stood on the lookout for terrorist ideas, especially ISIS, as it was the first to publish warnings about the terrorist organization’s plan prior to the bloody Sunday that witnessed the bombing of the churches of Tanta and Alexandria in April 2017, in addition to publishing details about the Soldiers of the Caliphate organization that pledged allegiance to ISIS inside Egypt. In response, threats targeted Al-Bawaba and all those in charge of it, headed by its chairman, editor-in-chief, and member of parliament, Abdelrehim Aly, with terrorist and bloody operations by inciting “lone wolves” to continue their terrorist acts in favor of ISIS against anyone who reveals its terrorist plans and ideas.


Threats against Al-Bawaba

Those threats started on Sunday, August 20, 2017, where ISIS threatened Al-Bawaba after it published reports revealing the terrorist organization’s plans to target Egypt and Arab countries. This was followed by other threats two days later, as ISIS declared its confrontation against the news institution and even intensified the threat by targeting the chairman of the board of directors, Abdelrehim Aly, and his family after revealing “the formation of new cells of the organization in addition to the work of lone wolves.” ISIS demanded the administration of its largest forum to expose the “spies of Al-Bawaba", and its supporters circulated pictures from a previous report of the newspaper.

In its threatening messages to Al-Bawaba, the terrorist organization sent its “lone wolves” messages inciting them to continue their terrorist acts inside Egypt and to target Al-Bawaba and those in charge of it.

ISIS said, “To the lone wolves, you have them. Hold their breath, monitor the places and hours of their presence, the places they visit at the time of entry and exit; choose the right time. Monitor the surroundings, the presence of security elements, the density of people in the place, the possibility of implementation and withdrawal quickly. Avoid places where they have surveillance cameras. Choose the appropriate time and finish them off.”

The response came from Al-Bawaba in a statement issued on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, in which it confirmed, “The messages and threats of ISIS, with its terrorism, threats, and bloody terrorist language, were not a surprise to us, as they come as a reaction to our positions and our role in exposing and exposing the plans and ideas of terrorist groups disguised as religion.”

However, the terrorist organization did not stop at its first threat, but rather followed it up with another threat within 48 hours, this time affecting the chairman of the board and editor-in-chief, Dr. Abdelrehim Aly, and his family. This came in an inciting message broadcast by the organization after the report published by Al-Bawaba entitled “ISIS to Al-Bawaba: We come to you with slaughter”, where Abdelrehim Aly revealed the details of the terrorist organization’s threats to his person and to the institution, saying during televised statements, “We are continuing our battle against terrorism, against the terrorist Brotherhood, their allies, and against the branch organizations.”


Incitement against Abdelrehim Aly and his family

The terrorist organization continued its campaign of incitement that targeted the Aly family, as the organization confirmed that it had monitored his movements inside and outside Egypt. They permitted the shedding of blood and demanded the disclosure of what they called the “Al-Bawaba News spies” and their threat of slaughter.

However, Al-Bawaba did not stop at this point, but rather waged a battle against the terrorist organization after exposing its plans before the bloody Sunday corresponding to April 9, 2017, when its members blew up the churches of Alexandria and Tanta.

It is worth noting that, in February 2017, the terrorist organization’s channels on the social networking site Telegram published the addresses of the churches that were bombed and called for targeting them, along with a number of other churches.

In January 2017, the organization’s branch in Egypt broadcast a video entitled “And fight all the polytheists”, in which it called on its cells to target the Copts, considering them a legitimate target for its soldiers and supporters. It showed, for the first time, the perpetrator of the St. Peter and St. Paul’s (El-Botroseya) Church attack, Mahmoud Shafiq, known as Abu Abdullah al-Masri, while recording his will before the terrorist attack, in which he vowed that the organization would launch a number of terrorist attacks against Christians and against the army and police forces.

A few days ago, the ISIS Sinai Province organization issued a publication entitled “The Light of Sharia”, in which it showed that its members had executed two Sufi leaders in Sinai and detained others, threatening Sufis with death if they did not return to their “polytheistic worship”.