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French Historian Debunks False Narratives in Al-Bawaba News Salon Talk on “Al-Sisi... Bonaparte of Egypt”

Sunday 05/February/2023 - 04:01 AM
The Reference
Ahmed seif Eldin

French writer Roland Lombardi visited Al-Bawaba News in Egypt to discuss his book "President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi... Bonaparte of Egypt." The French editor-in-chief of the "Le dialog" website was received by Al-Bawaba News Editor-in-Chief, Dalia Abdel Rahim Ali, and Managing Director, Khaled Abdel Rahim Ali, as well as members of the editorial board.

Lombardi was given a tour of the newsroom, studio, radio, implementation, technical unit, central disc, photography unit, and the institution's library. He expressed his admiration for the ancient journalistic establishment and praised its employees.

A symposium was held in the Martyrs' Hall at Al-Bawaba News headquarters for Lombardi to present his book. Journalist Dalia Abdel Rahim Ali asked Lombardi about his opinions on future presidents, specifically mentioning the UAE's Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

Lombardi shared that he visited several countries affected by the Arab Spring, including Egypt, Tunisia, and Syria, and had lived in Egypt during the year 2011. He explained that he believed President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi would come to power in Egypt because of his leadership personality and ability to deal with political Islam.

Lombardi criticized the French media's coverage of the events in Egypt during the Arab Spring, saying that they wrote unreal information and made mistakes in their assessments of the situation. He called for a lecture at the French Supreme War College to talk about the situation in Egypt and wrote a number of articles about it in 2013.

Lombardi stressed that most of the research about Egypt during this period was wrong and European leaders were starting to pay attention to Egypt's role in the region, as it is seen as a safety valve for the Middle East and has a pivotal role in relation to France.

Despite repeated terrorist operations by members of the Brotherhood in France, the organization has not been declared a terrorist group in Europe, with only Austria declaring it as such. Lombardi confirmed that the Brotherhood is trying to tarnish his image in France, as he was classified as against freedom for his opposition to the Brotherhood.

In conclusion, Roland Lombardi's visit to Al-Bawaba News was a productive one, as he discussed his book, shared his experiences and insights on the events of the Arab Spring, and emphasized the important role of Egypt in the region.