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Syria Devastated Again: Earthquake Ravages War-Torn Regions"

Tuesday 07/February/2023 - 03:56 PM
The Reference
Ahmed Seif Eldin

The war-torn regions of northwestern Syria have been hit with yet another disaster as a devastating earthquake struck the area on Monday. Scenes of destruction and loss of life are all too familiar to the residents who have been suffering through years of civil war. The earthquake caused entire neighborhoods to be wiped out in seconds, leaving rescue crews from Idlib to Aleppo to Hama struggling to cope with the scale of the destruction.

Despite their best efforts, there were not enough machines or tools to extract the large number of people trapped in the rubble, and people were forced to use their bare hands to dig through the debris in search of their loved ones. Even buildings that had previously been damaged but still standing after the earthquake, crumbled in the aftermath. The disaster has left residents struggling to cope with the aftermath, with many still hearing of buildings collapsing and being afraid to return to their homes.

In the hospitals, the scenes are reminiscent of the height of the war, with patients sharing beds and doctors treating victims in every corner. The loss of life has been staggering, with the dead being piled in the hallways of hospitals, many of whom were children. The earthquake has also created new challenges, such as the power failure at a maternity hospital in Idlib during seven cesarean deliveries.

The International Rescue Committee has expressed concern about the freezing temperatures in Syria this week, with many people unable to heat their homes. The earthquake has only added to the already dire situation, with Mark Kaye, a spokesman for the IRC, saying that what is happening in Syria is "an emergency within an emergency." The IRC is imploring other countries to not forget about Syria in their relief efforts and to send aid to those in need.

In conclusion, the earthquake has added to the already dire situation in northwestern Syria, with scenes of destruction and loss of life reminiscent of the height of the war. The residents of the war-torn region are struggling to cope with the aftermath, and the international community must not forget about their plight in their relief efforts.