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Lions of the Jordan Valley: Female Warriors Strike Against Hamas

Tuesday 07/February/2023 - 07:08 PM
The Reference
Ahmed Seif Eldin

A new Israeli infantry unit, the Lions of the Jordan Valley, made headlines with a successful dawn raid against Palestinian militants. The unit, consisting of a high proportion of female soldiers, took part in a mission to locate and neutralize a Hamas cell responsible for a recent attack on an Israeli settlement in the Jordan Valley.

According to the Israeli army, the raid resulted in the killing of five Palestinian militants in an exchange of fire. No Israeli casualties were reported and the bodies of the militants were taken away by the Israeli forces. The raid marked a significant moment in the growing role of women in the Israeli army. The number of female combat soldiers in the armed forces has increased from a few hundred in 2012 to several thousand today.

The raid in Aqabat Jaber refugee camp near Jericho was part of a continuing operation against Hamas militants in the West Bank. The Shin Bet, Israel’s intelligence service, had previously carried out a raid in the area, resulting in several Palestinian casualties and arrests, but failed to locate the members of the Hamas cell. The latest operation was successful in neutralizing the cell and preventing any further attacks.

The clash is the latest development in a rapid escalation in the occupied West Bank, which has seen over 40 Palestinians killed since the start of 2023. The confrontation also elicited a response from Hamas, who acknowledged that the slain militants were members of its military wing, the Ezaddin al Qassam Brigades.

“Their pure blood was not shed in vain,” Hamas said in a statement. “The resistance is committed to respond to this heinous crime and the enemy will pay its price.” The response is a reminder of the ongoing tension in the region and the dangerous circumstances in which the Lions of the Jordan Valley carry out their missions. Despite this, the unit remains a symbol of strength, resilience and courage in the face of adversity.