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"Iran's Hard-Liners on the Rise: The Rise of Conservatism in Iran"

Tuesday 07/February/2023 - 07:39 PM
The Reference
Ahmed seif eldin

Iran is witnessing a significant shift in its political landscape, with hard-liners consolidating power and exerting greater influence over the country's domestic and foreign policies. The hard-liners, which include the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and its conservative allies, are seen by many Iranians as the solution to the country's problems, including widespread corruption, economic hardship, and a perceived lack of progress on the political front.

The current state of the Iranian economy is a major factor driving this shift towards conservatism. Despite the signing of the 2015 nuclear deal and the lifting of some international sanctions, the country's economy has yet to recover fully, and many Iranians are struggling to make ends meet. In addition, corruption is perceived as rampant, further eroding public trust in the government.

The hard-liners, who are known for their uncompromising stance on domestic and foreign policies, are seen by many as the best option to restore order and stability to the country. They are leveraging their support among the conservative segment of the population, who view them as the best hope for preserving the values of the Islamic Revolution and the country's independence.

The rise of the hard-liners is also having an impact on Iran's foreign policy. The country is becoming increasingly isolated on the global stage, with its aggressive stance towards the West and its support for militant groups in the region drawing criticism from many countries. At the same time, Iran's military and economic ties with countries such as Russia and China are growing, further strengthening the position of the hard-liners.

In conclusion, the shift towards conservatism in Iran is a reflection of popular dissatisfaction with the state of the economy and widespread corruption, as well as a perceived lack of progress on the political front. As the hard-liners continue to consolidate power, it remains to be seen what impact this will have on the country's domestic and foreign policies, as well as its relations with the international community.

"Iran's Hard-Liners on the Rise: The Rise of Conservatism in Iran" sheds light on the current state of politics in Iran and the growing influence of hard-liners in the country. The article provides insight into the reasons behind this shift and its potential impact on the country's future.