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Iran's President Raisi Paves the Way for Tehran's Accession to BRICS through China's Support

Monday 20/February/2023 - 05:51 PM
The Reference
Dina Khalaf
In a historic visit, Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi delivered a keynote speech at Peking University, one of China's most prestigious academic institutions. The visit comes at a critical juncture as Iran seeks to strengthen its ties with China and expand its international influence. In his speech, Raisi discussed the potential impact of Iran's accession to the BRICS group and the important role China can play in facilitating this process.
Raisi began by expressing his admiration for China's remarkable economic development and its status as a global superpower. He emphasized the shared values of the two nations, including their commitment to sovereignty, independence, and resistance to foreign interference. Raisi also praised China's Belt and Road Initiative, noting that Iran is a vital node in the network of trade routes linking Asia, Europe, and Africa.
Turning to the topic of Iran's potential accession to the BRICS group, Raisi highlighted the significant economic benefits that this could bring to both Iran and the other member states. He pointed out that Iran possesses abundant natural resources, including oil and gas, which could be used to fuel the growth of the BRICS economies. Raisi also emphasized the strategic importance of Iran's location in the Middle East, which could serve as a gateway for trade and investment between the BRICS and the wider region.
In order to realize Iran's accession to the BRICS, Raisi stressed the importance of China's support. He praised China's role as a global mediator and its commitment to promoting dialogue and cooperation between nations. Raisi called on China to use its diplomatic influence to help Iran gain entry to the BRICS, and to support the expansion of economic ties between the two countries.
The visit by Raisi to Peking University has been widely regarded as a positive step in strengthening the ties between Iran and China. It is expected to pave the way for increased cooperation and trade between the two countries, and may also facilitate Iran's entry into the BRICS group. The potential benefits of Iran's accession to the BRICS are significant, and could have a transformative impact on the global economic landscape. As such, it is in the interests of both Iran and China to work together to make this a reality.