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Dad, I saw you and the crescent in the sky

Saturday 25/March/2023 - 11:05 AM
The Reference
Dr. Ghada Abdelrahim

This year, my dad's birthday coincides with the early days of the holy month of Ramadan, and with the visit of a French delegation to Egypt to witness its greatness and history.

On my dad's sixtieth year, I see him standing on the top of a mountain, and when I look behind him, I see a journey that was filled with hardships. I remember the memories and wish that the years could be relived. I long to be the little girl who followed his footsteps, and then straightened my back and followed him wherever he went. I, who grew up suddenly, am still a child in his embrace, feeling safe only when I am hugged by him. I count the white hairs in his beard and match them with my age, hoping that my dad will never grow old. I watch the clock when he is away and count the time until he returns. Whenever he returns, I fear his departure. My dad is my homeland, where I find my soul and my years bloom, and my dreams are renewed. Nothing is impossible as long as he exists.

I have achieved many titles in my academic journey, but my favorite and most endearing title remains "Daddy's girl," which I have written on my notebook, lecture pad, and on the wall of my spirit. I call it my definition wherever I go and wherever my name is placed.

My dad was not an ordinary man, for in everything, he was a knight of dreams. It was impossible to describe him in words, and he was so great that my heart could not contain him. I planted his love in the hearts of my children, and it overflowed to where it could not be described.

In these blessed days and in this new year that he greets, I pray to God that my dad will live for many years without sorrow. He was generous in his love and giving. Oh, God, grant him strength, endurance, health, and happiness, for he was like a noble horse racing from one battle to another, deserving to be immortalized.

Oh, my dad, every year, I wish you to be as you are and as you have decided to be; a noble, brave human whose aspiration reaches the clouds. Some may differ with you in opinion, but no one disagrees about your humanity.