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Legal loopholes make far right greater challenge in US

Thursday 04/May/2023 - 09:02 PM
The Reference
Nahla Abdelmonem

The growth of the far right in the United States is one of the most prominent emerging challenges at the level of security and social peace.

This challenge forced the authorities to develop different patterns to face potential risks in this context.

Official agencies in Washington have become aware of the dangers that far-right violence will bring in parallel with the Takfiri current and the threat it poses to security.

However, the American society has a special nature, one that made these threats acquire large proportions.

Constitutional crises

The US Constitution gives citizens the right to own weapons to defend themselves against risks.

The wording of these legal articles is associated with a historical period related to crises specific to the country.

Nonetheless, with the passage of time and the easing of some crises versus other crises with increasing risks, the American challenge is now related to its ability to adapt laws to emerging difficulties.

The possession of weapons represents an additional variable of the security challenge in the country and the extent of the ability granted to the agencies to undermine the far right, as freely circulating personal and legal weapons continue to increase the risk of far-right activities in the country and are also likely to be employed in the activities of takfiris.

Professor of political sociology at the American University in Cairo, Saeed Sadek, said US authorities should consider amending the articles of the Constitution related to gun ownership to be able to confront violence and extremism before the crisis worsens.

"The weapons available in the hands of people make it easier for them to commit crimes under the weight of ideological ideas or even mental disorders," Sadek told The Reference.

"Therefore, changing these laws and tightening them remains a fundamental necessity to confront violence," he added in an interview.